Our Mission and What We Offer

The IBM Center for The Business of Government connects research to practice, applying scholarship to real world issues and decisions for government. The Center stimulates research and facilitates discussion of new approaches to improving the effectiveness of government at the federal, state, local, and international levels.

The Center’s publications focus on major management issues facing governments today, including the use of technology and social media, financial management, human capital, performance and results, risk management, innovation, collaboration, and transformation. Our intent is to spark creativity in addressing pressing public sector challenges—crafting new ways of improving government by identifying trends, ideas, and best practices in public management that can help government leaders respond more effectively to their mission and management priorities.

Since its creation in 1998, the Center has awarded research stipends to public management researchers in the academic and non-profit communities that have resulted in nearly 380 reports - all of which are available on the Center’s website.



Our Team

Dan Chenok
Executive Director
(202) 551-9310
John M. Kamensky
Senior Fellow
(202) 551-9341
Michael J. Keegan
Leadership Fellow & Host, The Business of Government Hour
(202) 551-9339
Ruth Gordon
Website and Finance Manager
(202) 551-9343
Karin O'Leary
Shared Services Fellow
(571) 205-7358
Mark Newsome
Healthcare Fellow
(315) 560-4887

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